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Learn Early. Save Smart.

Discovery's Youth Accounts are designed for toddlers to young adults that want to learn how to be financially responsible and have fun doing it. Our youth accounts educate young savers on the importance of saving money, teaching valuable lessons that last a lifetime. By starting young and educating children on how to save for their goals, they'll have one of the most important aspects of saving money under their belt by the time they're adults - being a consistent saver.

Of course, financial responsibility isn't only about saving money - it involves spending it as well. Perhaps the most difficult part of learning the value of money is how to spend it wisely. Our various financial resources and services for young spenders will help mold smart spending decisions that will benefit them in adulthood.

You can prepare your child for the road that lies ahead with Discovery's Youth Accounts - the perfect tools to teach kids about the value and importance of saving and spending wisely.

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  • Starting to save early teaches valuable lessons in financial responsibility
  • Accounts for youths of all ages
  • Kids learn about smart saving and spending habits

  • Prizes, giveaways, cool resources, blogs, and more!




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